Apr 19, 2012

Random Thoughts From a Piece of String

by Kari Diane Pike

Have you ever stopped to ponder on a piece of string? Our kitten "Jules" loves string of any kind. I have to be attentive when I wear anything with strings or ties around the house. Jules ambushes everything that dangles. Let's just say that strings about one's throat are not a good idea at my house.

But I digress.
Our lives have often been compared to tapestries -- in which every experience is a thread that adds color and dimension. Some threads itch and chafe, while others shimmer and soothe. Sometimes our threads get tangled and knotted and we have to pick it out and start over.

As a parent, I work feverishly to keep the kite strings taught so that my children can reach their highest potential. Cutting the apron strings so that those binding ties can soar higher and reach farther can be a painful, yet rewarding experience.

Right now I feel like I am facing a raging river. Great adventures await me on the other side, but the only way to cross is to grab onto one of the many ropes (made from many strings bound together) hanging from the trees  and swing across. But which rope will hold?

Yesterday, after much prayer, I decided to take action. I grabbed one of those ropes and tugged. It felt strong. It felt secure. I took it further and climbed up the rope to test my weight on it. Right about the time I felt ready to commit, another rope was tossed down. I felt a little confused and decided to sleep on my final decision.

This morning, I found the first rope lying on the ground.  I'm grateful I didn't take the final swing!

Strings are funny things, and right now they are tugging on my heart.


  1. Oh, so cryptic! I'm so curious what that decision was you didn't take. I know, I snoopy!

    Strings and kittens so go together, don't they? I know our little 5 month polydactyl is attracted to anything stringy, from shoe laces to the ties on my shirts.

    I'm glad you include prayer in your decisions. Not everyone does. I know you'll find your way.

  2. Wow, Kari, that sounds intimidating. I know you guys are going through some trying times. You're in our prayers.

  3. I too wonder which rope you didn't swing on. I hope great things are beginning to come your way my friend.

  4. Kari - lots to think about here. Love the idea of itchy strings. They always seem to be at the back of the neck where you can't see them. (We can keep this expanded metaphor going on and on) Are you working on attachments? Best of luck. I know you'll get there. I do. LOve you, Rene

  5. Thanks everyone! Yet another possibility has come up...I'm feeling quite loved.

  6. Amazing! I do not have another word. amazing

  7. Love the analogy!! Thanks for your thoughts!!!

  8. Ok now I'm thinking of that famous Russian writer who was challenged to write about string and did. Course it was a dark story but then most Russian stories are.

  9. Terri, that is so interesting. I came across of book a couple of months ago that was a collection of short stories by Russian authors. They all seemed pretty dark...but the translations were hysterical. I wish I would have purchased it. So interesting.

  10. Kari, I loved your analogy! I know I am late to the party but it was inspiring. Every way you showed the strings and ropes can be applied to all lives and decisions bot in life and our characters in stories. It is a great lesson.
    I am sorry for your disappointment or heartbreak. I am so glad you learned that the apparent best choice was a poor choice in the nick of time.
    In a novel this is usually the dark just before the glorious breaking of the best day of your life climax of the book.
    I hope that in real life this portends something wonderful to come.


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