Jan 16, 2012

Brain, You Fail Me Today

by Kristin Baker Przybyla

I sat at my computer all week thinking about what I should blog about when it was my turn, and nothing struck me. Usually I get hit with an idea just at the right time, sometimes only a few minutes before I decide to sit down and blog. I also have a few ideas saved in my drafts folder over at my personal blog--ideas for both that blog and this one--but inspiration still isn't cooperating.

Do you ever have that problem when you blog? Or do you fear that one day you'll run out of topics, or that you'll start blogging about topics other people have already discussed to death? For someone with a writer's blog, I worry about that a lot. How to keep my blog original and fun.

And so, while worrying that my post today isn't very meaningful or interesting, I'd like to share a picture I've had saved on my computer for a couple months, just waiting for the right moment to stick it in a post. I can't remember where I found it, but I love it. It's so true!


  1. Oh man, how true is this? But I think all the interesting stuff happens in the jumble in the middle. Love this illustration!

  2. Haha! Good writers do make it look easy...just like a good cook or a professional skater or ...I love the visual though. Soooo true!

  3. This is exactly my worry. I'm so glad to see someone else has these problems. ... I do like your picture too. Sometimes my brain feels like that, but the arrow isn't pointed up, I'm afraid.

  4. You said exactly how I feel every time I blog. I love the picture. I am somewhere in the tangled squiggles. I hope someday I can find my way to the point of the arrow.

  5. I'm rolling. How perfect is that to explain that disconnect between reality and desire, giggle.


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