Jan 18, 2012

On the plus side...

by Kami Cornwall

Is it bad that I actually wrote a list of all of the "bad things" that happened to me today? I mean, I usually only list groceries or errands I need to run. As I told my husband about my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day, I had to laugh because there was a positive to each negative. It's nice when I can keep that perspective. So here's my list:

*Woke up to 1 foot of snow BUT it was an answer to my 6-year-old's repeated prayers.
*9-year-old slid knee first into fresh carpet glue BUT replacement pants were only $8.00.
*A wire hooked to 9-year-old's teeth broke BUT the orthodontist was miraculously open even on MLKjr day.
*Hit a huge traffic jam on the way to orthodontist BUT it gave our beagles time to prove they were trustworthy inside the house alone. (They DID sneak two stuffed animals out of the boys' room and had their way with them. I'm sure the stuffed animals feel violated and used.)
*I had to help both boys get into and out of their snow gear repeatedly throughout the day BUT they had a great time playing in the snow and I had time to tidy up the house.

As you can see, my big BUT in each sentence leads to something positive. Are you paying attention to your big BUTs today?


  1. What a good attitude you exhibit. I am glad you had a lot of good buts.

  2. My daughter said something about my big BUT last night. ;) I have a lot of good buts about most of the trials we're going through that help keep me on the positive side. But there's a brand new one about our car insurance that I have to deal with today - I'm still trying to find the good but in that!

  3. Sounds like you are following Prez Monson's advice of have a positive attitude.


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