Jan 10, 2012

Practice to Finish

By Leesa Ostrander

This is a new year and I am not going to list my resolutions. I am resisting the urge and want to share only one word.


It is difficult to wake up in the morning and run a full marathon from not even walking around the block. It takes practice.

To run a marathon, there needs to be a training plan, a diet plan, new shoes, new inserts, and the gear needed to be successful based on personal preference. With these in place it then takes the individual to make it happen.

There can be the best training plan and motivation to succeed and will not happen if the person is not there to put in the miles.

An emotional preparation is also needed to train for 26.2 miles at one time.

The emotional preparation is individual to each person. My plan will not work for my sister, neighbor or mentor. It is mine. I own my emotional connection to my plan.

This talk about a marathon is relevant to writing by way to needed a plan, needed the gear and the emotional connection.

I do not know of a single novel, poem, short story, essay or any prose that was written perfect, edit free the first attempt. The process begins with a plan. What will you write about? How will you connect with the reader? Do you want to connect with the reader?

Next, you need the gear. The choice of gear is individual to the talent behind the words. I, personally like yellow lined paper and a pencil to begin the creative juices. I also feel that physical health is part of my creative process. If my hands are flexed, body nourished, and well rested I am much more successful.

Now, if have the gear you want to be creative. To connect to a creative process can be discussed in more detail than I want to go here. I do want to say that the creative process draws from my first word – practice.

By consistent practice the creative thoughts come more readily.

Now, in terms of the  book “If You Give a Mouse a Muffin” we come back to it need creativity to practice and through practice we finish the goal. It does not matter on the time of completion, it is a personal best that counts (in terms of running).

To my happy marathon fingers, carry me through this year and have my personal best on paper. J


  1. Very good analogy Leesa. I kinda think marathon concepts are something I need to kick start my writing. It's been about a year of writer's block. This gives me a challenge.

  2. I agree with Terri. I like your marathon concept. You've turned on a light bulb for me here. Thanks!

  3. I like your analogy. We are here for the long haul to success so we must train. Thank you for the encouragement.


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