Jan 17, 2012

Online Class Scary

by Terri Wagner

After getting registered and buying a new computer and dowloading word on the old one, and getting a dozen new passwords to remember, I checked my class schedule. Heavens, the one that's totally online already had homework. And as I read the class expectation, I began to think what am I doing and who am I kidding?! She wants us to have webcam ability because we need at some point to get to know one another. What?! I took this course because I really don't want all that social interaction.

After I managed to navigate my way through the intro and upload a photo homework, I slid over to the other class. Both of which are on Mondays/Wednesdays at the college. One contained no info. Fine, I'll find out tomorrow right? Second one had the syllabus. Oh no, I can tell already I haven't a clue what she's talking about. Now I'm worried.

After I did all that and mentally prepared myself for tomorrow my nephew calls and says we still can't take the baby to the daycare can you watch her? I'm like maybe half a morning. I have class.

After that, I thought I have class. I'm scared.


  1. Terri!
    Welcome to my world! haha! I am so excited for you. Don't panic...keep praying...and everything will be just fine. Breathe! It's kind of important.

    You are going to do great! hugs~

  2. It sounds exciting and scary. Things have changed so much since I went to college in the dark ages. (1980's)


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