Jan 29, 2012

Specialty Writing

by Margaret L. Turley

Time Out for Writers Faculty includes a journalist, free-lance writer, a copywriter, a blog and social media writer, a family history writer, and a magazine article writing expert.

Brent Whiting is a journalist and English professor. He will teach: Great Opening Lines -- Grabbing the Reader's Attention. Writers sometimes get only one chance to grab a reader's attention. Ways to write a catchy introduction and clear thesis.

Sara Fujimura is a Freelance Writer, Creative Writing Teacher and Author. She will teach: Contracts, Kill Fees, and Serial Rights, Oh My! (A crash course in magazine writing) and Cooking Up Some Chicken Soup (Write Fun, Inspirational Personal Essays)

Joshua Perkey is Senior Editor of the Ensign and writes fantasy novels on the side. His two-hour workshop will teach you how to craft articles for human interest magazines, including Church magazines such as the Ensign, New Era, and Friend.

Peggy Shumway is an author and former Family History Consultant. Her class is: Your Grandfather did What? -- Crafting a Family History that Reads Like fiction. Who says a family history has to be boring? Learn how to create compelling family chronicles.

Matt Peterson is a Copywriter specializing in blogging, social media marketing, website content, by-lined articles, email marketing, and more. He will teach: Freelance Copywriting -- The Perfect “Day Job” for Writers. How you can use your writing skills to pay the bills.

Serena Freewomyn is a Web/Blog & Social Network Expert. Social Media for Authors includes: What is social media, the number one tool for building an online presence? What is a blog, how to start one? Focus on Facebook & Twitter to reach your target audience & Time management tips.

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  1. Oh wow wish I could be there. They all sound great.


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