Jan 1, 2012

Super ANWA Conference 2012 Faculty

by Margaret L. Turley

The Faculty for the 20th Annual ANWA Conference to be held February 23 - 25th is very exciting. Pictures are in alphabetical order with matching descriptions below going left to right, top to bottom.

Anita Mumm is a Literary Assistant at Nelson Literary Agency. She is thrilled to bring her love of language, writing, and other cultures to her position at the Nelson Agency. Anita Mumm will accept queries. Her class is on Thursday evening. Tell Me More: Whetting an Agent's Appetite with your Query or Pitch, followed by a critique session.

Brent Whiting has worked as a crime reporter for newspapers in Las Vegas, Phoenix, & Avondale. He teaches English at Glendale Community College and online at the University of Phoenix. Brent Whiting will share his expertise for: Great Opening Lines - Grabbing the Reader's Attention. Writers get only one chance to grab a reader's attention. How to write a catchy introduction and clear thesis.

Conrad Storad is the multi-award-winning author of more than 40 nonfiction science and nature books for young readers. His newest title is: Arizona Way Out West & Wacky. Conrad Storad will present two classes: 1. Read Me A Story! Reading aloud to cultivate the art of listening; and 2. Making Non-Fiction Fun! a Writing Workshop.

Deirdra Eden Coppel is an award winning artist who started her career in 2001 as an art director for a private publisher. She is an also an author and mother. Deirdra Coppel will teach two classes: 1. Writing Business Sense: Designers, Illustrators, Pricing & Legal Aspects; and 2. The Amazing Future of Illustrations: EMC- Multi-media Content.

Donna Hatch is an author of Historical Romance and Fantasy Romance. She began writing at the tender age of eight. Her writing awards include the Golden Quill and Golden Rose. Donna will share: 7 Secrets for Writing Romance: Romance is more than a meeting, a kiss, and a marriage proposal. Discover 7 secrets to writing a romance, what clich├ęs to avoid, and what today's market craves.

Jane Dystel, President of Dystel & Goderich Literary Management, whose goal is to offer financial and contractual advice to its clients, as well as editorial guidance and support. Jane Dystel will be accepting queries at the conference and will teach: "Soup to Nuts: going from idea to book." She will also discuss the importance of a social media platform and provide time for questions and answers.

Janette Rallison is the award winning author of 18 novels and has sold over 1,000,000 copies, including her latest books: My Unfair Godmother and Slayers, under the pseudonym C. J. Hill. Janette Rallison's class is Using Internal Thought to Create Characterization: When writing a book, voice is all important. How to strengthen your characterization and voice through your characters' internal thoughts.

Joshua J. Perkey is a Senior Editor for the Ensign and Liahona magazines. On the side he writes fantasy novels and closely follows publishing trends. Joshua Perkey's class is Writing for Magazines. Ever wondered how to get published in the Ensign? Ever wanted what it takes to publish in a national magazine? This two-hour workshop will teach you how to craft articles for human interest magazines including Church magazines such as the Ensign, New Era, and Friend.

Joyce DiPastena is the author of two medieval romances and is a two-time Whitney Award finalist. Her third romance will be released in early 2012. Joyce DiPastena is an expert at: -Breathing Life into Historical Research. Whether you write romance, mystery, or straight fiction, this workshop will teach you how to turn historical facts into a living, breathing world for your readers.

Larry Brooks is the author of "Story Engineering," and the creator of Storyfix.com, a leading website for novelists and screenwriters. He is also the author of five published thrillers. Larry Brooks will teach: Why Your Writing Process Counts: Working Smart vs. Simply Working. A look at the many ways writers complete a successful "search for story" through fundamentals and principles.

Linda Mulleneaux, Managing Editor at Walnut Springs Press has worked for almost 20 years as a writer and editor in the fields of marketing research, technical training, and LDS publishing. Linda Mulleneaux is Accepting Queries. Her class will be The Critical Skill of Self-Editing: Focusing on What Agents & Editors Really Care About. You can get published-you'll just have to operate on your "baby." Perfect your prose and streamline your story.

Linda F. Radke President of Five Star Publications, Inc. has 25 years of publishing experience and countless international, national and state awards in publishing, marketing and writing. Linda Radke will accept queries and is teaching two classes. 1. Publishing:Traditional Publishing, Partnership Publishing & Self-Publishing: Finding a Home for your Bookand 2. It's All in the Pitch - Marketing and Publicity: The difference between marketing and publicity.

Lisa Mangum, Assistant Editor at Deseret Book/Shadow Mountain graduated from the University of Utah in 1997 and immediately began working for Deseret Book. She is the author of the Hourglass Trilogy. Lisa Mangum is accepting queries and will teach two classes. 1. "Kaboom,"Went the Coastal Monkey Factory: Starting Your Story with a Bang. 2. Making the Leap: How to I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Slush Pile.

Marsha Ward, is the founder of ANWA, and member of the ANWA executive board. She writes Westerns with heart and grit, plenty of humor, great adventure and tender moments.

Matt Peterson has operated a freelance copywriting business for the past four years. He specializes in blogging, social media website content, by-lined articles, email marketing, and more. Matt Peterson will present: Freelance Copywriting: The Perfect "Day Job" for Writers How you can use your writing skills to pay the bills (while you continue to work on the next great American novel.)

Peggy Shumway has twice served as a family history consultant for the LDS Church and has written several sagas about her ancestors. "Your Grandfather Did What?" Crafting a Family History That Reads Like Fiction. Who says family history has to be boring? Create family chronicles using the same techniques as fiction writers.

Sandra Hendrickson is a music educator, songwriter and author. She studied music in college and attended many songwriting workshops to develop her music skills. Sandra Hendrickson will instruct: "It Just Takes Time." A class on creative songwriting that will motivate you to dig a little deeper, learn more skills, and challenge you to be a better songwriter.

Sara Fujimura is a world-traveler, Girl Scout leader, an anime con mom, musician, and is infinitely fascinated by deadly diseases. She weaves all these together to create non-fiction articles and essays. Sara Fujumura will present two workshops: 1. Contracts, Kill Fees, and Serial Rights, Oh My! A crash course in magazine writing; and 2. Cooking Up Some Chicken Soup - How to Write Fun, Inspirational Personal Essays.

Serena Freewomyn provides freelance copy writing and web content development, with an emphasis in search engine optimization and provides social media management services. Serena will teach two session of: Social Media for Authors Twitter, Facebook, and blogs, provide authors valuable ways to expand their readership base. How you can know that you're utilizing the right tool for your target audience.

Wendy Peterson hails from a long line of teachers. Imparting her love of language and literature to her students ignites her passion. Wendy Peterson's workshop will be: Poetry: A Spicy Slice of Life. Like spices in food, poetry makes life interesting, more flavorful, richer. Write poetry using easy-to-get-started and simple-to-understand ideas.

Questions about the Conference, contact ANWA Event Co-Chairs,

Cindy or Patti at anwa-events@anwa-lds.com

Hilton Hotel Discounts: 1-800-544-5866 or ONLINE

To register go to: http://anwa-lds.com/2012conference.html

More information about ANWA: http://anwa-lds.com


  1. Wow. What a spectacular line up! I wish I could be there!

  2. I can't wait. I wished I could take every class, but I know that's impossible.

  3. I have to confess, I quickly scroll past anything having to do with the conference because it just about kills me that for as long as I work at an accounting office (which means no vacation during tax season) I won't be able to attend an ANWA conference.

    (Repeats to self, "I'm so grateful for my job. I'm so grateful for my job. I'm so grateful for my job.")

  4. I am so excited to attend. I wish I could go to everything. I can see a lot of work has already gone into making this a great experience.

  5. I probably should point out that I'm not a presenter this year. I'm the Founder of ANWA, and Margaret wanted to honor that as we present our 20th annual writing conference.


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