Jan 5, 2012

Writing and Challenges

By Susan G. Haws

More than half the time I think I should give up writing. Just set back and read. I love to read and  there are more excellent books available than I can get to in a lifetime. I would if it weren't for all these ideas that keep popping in my head.

After expressing these insecurities I received an email from the author Jeff Ambrose. (Click here to go to his web site.) I asked permission to share it as I think other people out there might also need this reminder.

One thing I learned is that every writer is challenged by the same problems. No exceptions. You and Stephen King are playing the same game! Just listen to the way writers talk about the job. They may not use the same words or phrases, but essentially they're all talking about the same problems.

What separates writers isn't the problems, which never go away, but how they deal with the problems. The successful writers -- the ones who write, finish, and put their work on the market -- have learned how to deal with the job hazards. Those who don't write, finish, and put their work on the market haven't learned these skills.

How to learn those skills? 

Simple: By writing.

Thank you Jeff.


  1. I love that. I have been learning and retelling that same bit of advice the last few months. So many people have told me "I have an idea but I'm not a writer." My response is, "Well not until you start to write." Keep going!

  2. Yes when you listen to other writers even the most financially successful of them, they face the same stuff we do. I love it that writers are like a small community and share their frustrations more than their successes. Guess we always feel there's a better story in us.

  3. I totally needed to read this today! I feel encouraged and ready to write again today...thanks!


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