Jan 25, 2012

Of France and Green Scarves

By Nikki McBride Spencer

- "C'est la vie", she said, as she slowly walked away, taking the green scarf with her. All he could think about was the fury he felt and how she wasn't even French.

The above two sentences were found on my cousin’s Facebook post. This is the first question that I asked him. 

“Was the green scarf his?” 

His answer?

“I did this to spark curiosity and create images in people’s minds that cause wonder. :) It worked!”

Yes indeedy, oh dear cousin, it most certainly did work. It worked so well, in fact that I have several more questions about this ill-fated couple. Why is she taking the scarf? Does the scarf have a history and what is it? Is the scarf valuable? Why is she speaking French if that isn’t her nationality? What is her nationality? Why is she walking slowly if she is breaking up with him? Is she mad, or just smug? Maybe they’re not breaking up, maybe she is a spy! Why is he furious and how well will he control it? What will the fallout of his emotions be? Will he try and retrieve the scarf someday? Will he call out scathing remarks? Will he get revenge? Will he go stuff his face with a delicious Subway meatball sandwich with extra meatballs and not even taste it because of his anger?

What did this scarf look like, anyway? Was it spring green, embroidered, tassels on both ends, perhaps a few jewels woven into the fibers? That’s how I imagine it. 

Ahhh, the curiosity, the images, the wonder! I’d say these two sentences did their job, and did them well. They certainly hooked me.

Sometimes we write to meet our goals, or because we think we should. Today, just for fun, I challenge you to write for play. Here is your Fun Assignment: Take three minutes and write one or two sentences that spark curiosity, create mind images, and invoke a sense of wonder. It doesn’t have to make sense. The only backstory is no backstory. You are simply writing for the fun of it.

When you’re done, post your sentences in the comments. I would love to hear what you come up with!

Let’s play!


  1. She snatched the incriminating picture off the counter and crushed it in her fist as she bolted through the revolving door and out into the driving rain.

    fun exercise! thanks!

  2. How can you close your eyes in the sunlight and not feel the warmth on your skin? I was in love with him, and now my heart was breaking. He deceived me. He kissed me like he was falling for me, yet his heart belonged to someone else. I should hate him for that—but I couldn’t. I was numb.

  3. She sat with her back to the man hoping he wouldn't recognize her. "Have you found her?" he asked urgently into his phone.

  4. Skipping? Why was a grown woman skipping? And who wore boots like that?

  5. Mighty Mom put on her cape and stirred the arsenic brownies.


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