Jan 3, 2012

To New Year Resolutions

by Terri Wagner

I say Bah Humbug. I've never kept a new year's resolution I made, and frankly for the past 20 years, it's been the same one anyway. Didn't someone much smarter than me say doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is stupid or something like that. I concur. So this year, no resolutions. In fact, I may just party this year since it might all be over by December 21st according to the Mayans.

If the Mayans are wrong (and they seem to be bewildered by this whole-end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it discussion), then at least I enjoyed what might have been the last year of earth's current state of affairs. Now don't get me wrong, partying for Mormons can be a bit different than most people might think.

I am just going to let go of the guilt of trying to be the perfect Mormon. Ah come on, we all do that. Devise this measuring stick and hold ourselves up to it only setting ourselves up for failure. Because we fail to just find one thing to become perfect at. We tend to think I need to do genealogy, temple work, missionary work, be better in my calling(s), read the scriptures daily, pray twice a day at least, hold FHE, date night, take care of the spouse (if you are so lucky), guide my children (again if you are so blessed), write a bestselling novel (or at least just a novel), get it published, write a second one, not to mention all the other responsibilities involved in being LDS.

I'm tired of trying to do all that. So for this year I'm just going to take a vacation and work on just one thing...one realistically achievable goal. I don't know what that is yet, but something I know I can do so next year I can say I perfected that, moving on to the next thing, if indeed there is a next year.

And at this point I can honestly say with considerable surprise I don't mind if the Second Coming comes. I'm kinda ready for it, which is another whole post.

So NO New Year's resolutions for me...or is that a resolution? Nope, I declare it is not. If I try something new, maybe I'll get better results. It's a hypothesis, followed by experiment, and I'll let you know the results.


  1. Go, Terri!!

    Back in 2000 my one goal for the whole year was to have a baby, which was looking pretty good since I was pregnant at the end of 1999 and due in Feb of 2000. ;) One of the smartest things I've ever done, that! It gave me permission to just focus on my baby and let anything else I accomplished be icing on the proverbial cake.

    So, I say to you - wise move!!

  2. Oh - DUH! I meant to say my goal for 1990 and I was pregnant at the end of 1989. (Evidently I lost too many brain cells during my pregnancies.)

  3. I love your philosophy, Terri. My one new goal is to remember to breathe.


  4. I like your philosophy but I am trying for more goals this year and if I don't hit them all but at least make progress I am not going to beat myself up.

  5. A wise man once said: "A man's gotta know is limitations."

    Okay, Clint Eastwood might not be all that wise, but I totally agree with the writer who gave him that line. I know my limitations--I will never, ever be perfect, and I don't fret over (much) when my goals don't go as planned. I accept my shortcomings and strive to do better, even if just a little, the next time I try. Did I make any New Year's resolutions? No. I always make goals when I see I need them, no matter the time of year. Why wait for a date?

  6. Just stopping by to express my appreciation to you for your faithful readership of my blog. Your comments there always expand and add to my thoughts. Happy New Year!

  7. I agree with your acceptance of our inability to be perfect. Long ago I realized that was not going to happen in even one area here. I just had to try to survive and hope to get close to achieving and maybe even meeting some goals.


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