Jan 21, 2012

Story Ideas

by Cindy R. Williams
I am staring at my computer screen in shock.
I have worked on my blog for a week. I had quotes. I had analogies. I had researched one of my favorite writing coaches for information. I felt inspired and wrote what I thought was a pretty good post.
I opened it today to review, and polish it. I spent another 20 minutes making sure it wouldn't embarrass me, then as I moved my cursor down through it for one final check . . . it did some wacky flinger-doodle and the entire post deleted itself, all except part of my name, and this next line in red.

"Where is your passion?  What story would you love to sink your teeth into?     Cind"

Oh fickle blogspot. How evil are your sneaky cyberspace ways.

Much like life, yes?

I'm just going to sit here for awhile and be thankful my computer didn't get the dreaded black screen of death, and that I didn't lose all my zillionas of WIP's.


  1. Oh, I hate when stuff like that happens! Most of the time I can get it back by doing Control-Z.

  2. Oh dear. How frustrating! And now I feel bad that I haven't thought once about what I will post today...until last night. Maybe it's for the best! Hope your week is going well!

  3. Control Z. Never heard of that, but will try it next time the cyber deleter strikes.

  4. I hate it when that happens and it happens to me right afte I made a major change that now seemed just right.
    Glad to hear about control Z.


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