Jan 4, 2012

Same Stuff, Different Year

by Kami Cornwall

I resolve to get older this year.


A resolution I can't fail! For those of you who want to know, Disneyland was "way cool" despite a few frightened kids. If you want to see a hysterical photo of my family flying down splash mountain click on this link to go to my own personal blog and take a gander.

Wal-Mart has a fresh batch of treadmills and as I passed the line-up I wanted to shout, "AMEN!" I haven been away from mine for far too long; off and on between Halloween and New Year's. I should be arrested for neglect. Still, my warm bed in the wee hours of the morning begs me not to go running off to the treadmill as if I'm cheating. But my fling with the kitchen these last few months has left me with no choice.

I have broken up with most of the food in the kitchen (including the sweets my friend from Germany sent me) and have begun a pleasant relationship with a new cookbook called "Fresh Food Superfast" from CookingLight. I love it. I just hope it lasts! You know how tempting all things chocolate can be. First it's just one innocent taste of 60% cocoa and before you know it you're sitting in front of the T.V. stuffing your face with an entire box of chocolate covered doughnuts threatening to give you a heart-attack right then and there.

Moderation in all things, my friends. That's what it all comes down to. And that's what I intend to continue. So I'm glad to be able to continue to contribute to the ANWA blog and greet each day with the newness it deserves.


  1. oh Kami I can so relate. I need that cookbook and to dust off my treadmill as well. The holidays are hard here we go from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas to Mardi Gras only beginning with Lent Wednesday do you get a break until Easter that is.

  2. My sweet (and very petite) doctor told me yesterday that the average person gains about 10 pounds during the holidays. Cooking light just isn't something we think about until after January starts or until somebody asks you your due date and you're not pregnant. I said goodbye to the fatty foods and started, not a diet, but a new way of eating. There's a website that's great. It's called HungryGirl, and it has wonderful recipes for cooking lite without ever getting bored. I have it delivered to my email once a day. Fabulous!

  3. Thanks for the tip! I'll check it out.

  4. I loved your post. It was so fun and I can so relate. Iappreciate the tips as I am aiming for eliminating half my current body weight give or take 10 pounds this year. With a little forgiveness if it takes till March of 2013. Talk about more info than you wanted to know.


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